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Be An Outstanding Student


There is nothing more important than education! Being an outstanding student makes success in school, and life not only possible but probable. With this CD your mind will be clear and sharp. Bylistening to this CD your mindset will be more positive, you’ll develop improved study habits that set you up for better grades and success. In this audio set, you'll get six audio tracks that will guide and reprogram your mindset towards making a difference, and an outstanding life.

Get a taste of what you'll be hearing below:

Product Description

This audio set contains 6 tracks:

1. Affirmations and Afformations
It is a well-know fact that Affirmations are life-changing. Affirmations are most effective when we state them as present tense statements, stated as if your desires, goals and dreams are already your reality.

Afformations were created by James St. John. Afformations are statements (similar to affirmations) stated in the form of questions, such as, “Why do I have all the money I could ever want?” Your subconscious mind will create a reality to match the questions. You will hear and experience both Affirmations and Afformations in the Affirmations track to crate a powerful, life-changing and effective tool to assist you to transform your life.

2. Visualizations
When you see, hear, feel, and sense yourself accomplishing your goals, dreams, and aspirations, your subconscious mind cannot distinguish the difference whether you accomplished the goal, dream, or aspiration in reality or in your mind. The Visualizations track trains your mind that you can accomplish anything and everything you desire.

3. Guided Meditation

The Guided Meditation track or tool takes you on a journey of experiencing the success you desire. It gives you a mentor who is a model and a guide who teaches you the behaviors, skills and actions for you to accomplish your goals and dreams. You simply relax your way to success.

4. Prayer
The Prayers included are very inclusive. They affirm the truth about your skills, gifts, and talents. They declare and positively declare your ability to create, do, be and have all that you hope for and desire. There have been many scientific studies that have proven the power of prayer. The Prayers plant the seeds to remind you and your subconscious of your greatness and unlimited power and potential.

5. Visioning
The Visioning process was developed by Michael Bernard Beckwith. Visioning is a process that allows a greater universal idea to be revealed to you. Visualization is similar to playing a DVD stating your goals and dreams. Visioning is analogous to having a blank DVD and allowing a new fresh idea, thought, or inspiration to come to
you. There are four questions that guide you through the process where you will receive insights, inspiration and intuitive guidance to help you on your journey to having the life of your dreams.

6. Reflections
Reflections simply gives you a space for you to sit back, think, and contemplate about the accomplishment, the fulfillment, and the realization of your dreams, goals and aspirations. The sounds and vibrations of the Native American flute gives you the opportunity to take in all the positivity from the other tools or tracks. It gives you anopportunity to see, remember, feel, and experience yourself achieving your highest desires, goals and dreams.